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You want to change your hair’s volume or length but have no idea to start? So many types of hair extensions make you confused? Check U tip hair extensions now!

1. What is U tip hair extensions?

Like other tip hair extensions, U tip is combination of very thin hair strand and a tip in shape of nail, or U shape. Contrasting to I tip, U tip is known as fusion extension because it does involve heat while installing. The well-trained hair stylist uses a heat tool to melt the keratin glue U-shaped top and uses hand to attach it to your hair. This kind of hair extensions can last for 6 months with proper preservation.

U tip hair extensions are not the new name in hair industry but what makes it special? Let’s discover the uniqueness of it!

2. Why should you choose U-tip hair extensions?

Along with I tip or V tip, U tip is also one of best seller products of our company. There should be some reasons for this prevalence.

The biggest plus point of U tip hair extensions is durability. With some basic preservations, your hair extensions can last up to 6 months which is longest in tip extensions. Don’t worry about damage to your real hair because the fusion application is just in a blink! Due to fusion method, the attachments are stick firmly to your hair and no need to re-melt from time to time. Hence, if you are so busy to change hair extensions, U-tip should be taken into account.

Another merit of this hair extension is natural look. You can cut it into 2 or 3 smaller strands if you own a fine hair, thin hair so the seam can be under no detection. Moreover, under heat and pressure, the keratin glue becomes transparent and shelters very well with your biological hair texture. More importantly, thanks to the advanced technique of applying U tip hair extensions, the seams are quite close to hairline so it is more difficult for untrained eyes can detect. If you are hunting for natural look but durability, U tip should be in your priority list.

Flexibility is also another big benefit of using U tips. Just like I tip, U tip is applied strand by strand, allow your hair to move naturally. You can also adjust the volume of your hair extensions by adding or subtracting amount of strand as you want. More importantly, U tip from Oscar hair with arrays of lengths, texture, color, and superior quality of Vietnamese hair such as strong yet soft fibers, silky and shining appearance, we can confident to satisfy your various demand of bleaching, dying, styling.

If I am a budget customer, can I enjoy U tip hair extensions? The answer is yes. The U tip hair extension from Oscarhair with 100% Vietnam remy hair always in reasonable price yet premium quality allowing you to by suitable amount of strand to your hair and your budget.

So, what makes you hesitate to try U tip hair extensions ? If you want more information, contact us via Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR now!

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