Tape in hair

Vietnam tape in hair is made of 100% Vietnam remy hair, with a lot of textures, colours, and styles will serve you glamorous look in several minutes. Moreover, if you are planning a big summer with a lot of fun, picture yourselves with Vietnam tape in hair now!

The summer always inspires us with beach party, as well as swimming in cool lakes, spending time on silky sand beaches. Don’t let the baldness or tangle hair destroy your summer! Tape in hair is here for you!

Tape in hair extensions are one types of hair extensions, are in thin weft with a 1-inch tape in the top of hair strand. It can be said that tape in can be used as a sandwich. All you need to do is let the tape in behind one of your flat hair strand, and put another tape above your hair strand. That means your hair strand is in between 2 tape ins, just like a bacon in sandwich. All of the process to extent 1 strand only cost you 2-3 minutes.

From my experience, I highly recommend tape in for your summer for several reasons.

1. Natural look

The main reason explaining the prevalence of tape-ins is supporting natural look and tape hair servers that very well. Thanks to sandwich-installation, tape in hair cannot be detected because it is coved between 2 layers of your real hair! You can wear tape ins up or down, yet your overall hair look move naturally, the extensions always hide! Moreover, each strand is very thin and flat, so the extension is not visible. Furthermore, the natural look of tape in hair extensions from Oscarhair comes from 100% Vietnam remy hair with variety of style, texture, and colors that blend with your real hair wicked well.

2. Convenience

The reason explaining the prevalence of tape-ins is convenience. Owing to the easy installation, it takes less than 1 hour to achieve glamourous full head extensions. The convenience also comes from easy maintenance. The users just wash, blow dry as normal hair or brush it once or twice a day. Tape ins also serve you the convenience to get ready in the morning indeed. Tape ins with adhesive design allow the users to swim, or bathing with it, the bonds will never compromise! You are in comfortability in working out, sweating yet look great! If you are finding a kind of hair extensions for summer time, tape in must be your top preference!

3. Versatility

It is undeniable that versatility is the biggest plus point of Vietnam tape in hair extensions. A lot of hair styles such as beachy waves, braids, full-bodied blowout, silky ponytail with variety of colours are in your reach. Let’s be honest, this kind of hair extensions will boost up your 100% glamor as you wish 24/7.

Do you want to swim with mermaid-like hair ? You want to achieve fairytalike beauty? Just call us though Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR to be consulted about Vietnam hair now!

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