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You want to remake your short hair but you cannot wait for your hair’s growing? Why don’t you try hair extensions? With the variety in design, texture, colours, our Vietnamese hair extension will definitely satisfy you. One of the most common choices for all girls is I tip hair extensions, check it now!

1. What is I tip hair extensions?

  • The world of hair extensions sometimes makes us confuse due to the variability. I tip hair extension is one of the most common keywords in the hair industry because of its advantages but let’s take a look at what is I-tip hair extension.
  • I-tip hair extension or in other words, cold fusion because it doesn’t involve heat while installing. As the name says, I-tip hair extension is shaped in the letter I at the top with a very thin bundle. They are applied on your hair along with ring or hook to hold the extension and can last for 3-4 months.
  • So why do I tip hair extensions get accustomed to all girls? Let’s see some unique characteristic of them here.

2. Why do I tip hair extensions become well-known in the hair industry?

  • Monthly, we receive many requests for I tip hair extension. There are some reasons can explain the prevalence of I-tip hair extensions.
  • The biggest plus point of I tip extension is heat-free, glue-free helping protect your hair. Because I-tip extension only uses traction tool to hold the bundle so it causes minimal damage to your hair. You don’t have to worry about cleaning glue after removing the extensions like U-tip or V-tip, and the cuticle of your real hair suffer no damage under the heat.
  • Another benefit of using I-tip is flexibility. The extensions could slide up or down as you want but blend very well with your biological texture thanks to the very small seam. Moreover, because the I tip hair extension is applied strand by strand, it allows the Vietnam hair to move naturally. Unlike wig, closure, or frontal, you can adjust the volume and length, even layers as your desire by adding the suitable number of strands. If you don’t know what amount of hair you need to add more, I-tip should be in your priority. More importantly, Oscarhair offers I-tip hair extensions made of 100% Vietnam remy hair ensuring the lifelike overall appearance of your hair. The silky, lustrous and strong yet soft fibres could suffer dying, bleaching, and styling very well and serve you the freedom of hair design!
  • Last but not least, using I-tip extension saves you a lot of money. The price of I-tip extensions made from Vietnamese Remy hair is very reasonable for each strand so if you are the starter of hair extensions, I tip and U tip hair extension will be a good idea. Furthermore, this hair extension can be reusable. Removing the hair extension only need to pull out the ring, so your hair and hair extension are under no damage. Moreover, our Vietnamese Remy hair is always available with no shedding, tangle free, no split ends that support the confidence of product’s longevity. Because of multiple uses, I-tip hair extension save you a lot of money in the long term!

Do you want to try hair extensions now? Do you just wish to remake your hair? Let’s contact our consultant via Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR now!

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