Vietnamese clip in hair extensions

Tired of sitting hours in hair salons? Too busy to have an appointment with hair stylists? Don’t worry, clip in hair extensions are here for you.

1. What are clip in hair extensions?

How can you identify the clip-in among hundreds of hair extensions? As the name says, clip in hair extension is the weft of hair with clips attaching to the top. The usage is very easy, you just need to clip the hair extension to the root of your hair and the extensions will blend naturally with your biological hair.

Clip in hair extensions aren’t the new comers in hair industry but have remained prevalence so far. Why? Stay with us and reveal the reasons.

2. Why clip in hair extensions become new solution for your hair?

Monthly, we have been receiving hundreds of requests for Clip in hair extension, most of them are come from the priority of convenience. Unlike I tip, U tip or V tip extensions, you don’t have to come to hair salons to upgrade your hair with clip in! You can totally install it at home and thanks God, if you are in hurry, clip ins are your savior! Just 5 minutes and you can finish the installation and enjoy your new glamour look. Moreover, clip in extensions allow you to remove and put them on anytime you want to bleach, style, and of course, no need to have appointment with hair stylists.

Another big plus point of this kind of extension is flexibility. If tip extensions are time-consuming, wig or closure don’t allow you to customize the volume, Clip in is in between. The users can choose suitable amount weft to customize the volume and length, and the just-clipping-in step saves time a lot. Furthermore, you even can buy multiple colors and style them, make fun of them to vary your look on daily basis. Since the clips shelter very well in your hair, you can even ponytail without seam detection. Especially, Vietnamese clip in hair extensions are made of 100% remy hair that ensures the high-class quality with durable yet soft fibers, intact cuticle, silky and shining appearance allow you to try multiple styles and colours by yourselves, it is not too much to say that Vietnamese clip in hair extensions should be in your list of hair extension now!

More importantly, this kind of hair extension is no damage to your real hair. Clip in says no to glue, sewing heat or pressure so there’s no worries of your real hair’s breakage, tangling or itching.

With such superior characteristic, there should be no hesitation to put clip in hair extensions in your cart now! Just contact us via Whatsapp +84936164010 or fanpage OSCAR HAIR for more detailed information!

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