Vietnamese Wig

You are suffering hair loss ? You have a thin, degradation hair? You hair is under treatment but dating and party is coming ? You want to try some crazy hair style but don’t want to damage your natural hair? Don’t worry, Vietnamese wig from Oscarhair is here for you !

1. What is wig ?

One of fabulous inventions in the world must include wig because it’s benefit. First, let’s see what is wig ? Wig is simply a head covering and mostly made from human hair to achieve perfect natural effect without being detected the seams and spark your beauty in a minute! So, what makes wig become the king of hair extensions? See it below:

2. Why does Vietnamese wig become a hot trend ?

Nowadays, so many beauty junkies prefer wearing wig due to its convenience. Wearing wig doesn’t require any sewing, heat so it’s very quick to apply. After applying, just foundation will be required to match the stocking cap with your forehead skin tone. Wig is the best hair extension serving you natural look as your biological hair. Moreover, you can play with colour as you wish but your biological hair don’t commit with any chemical damage! Easy preservation is another plus point. You can wash, air dry or blow dry or style as your real hair.

Longevity is one more reason for all girls must have one wig. Wigs from Oscarhair will be designed firmly, and high-class fibres resulting in long life expectancy of wig. The longevity also save your money because you don’t need to have many salon appointments to remake your hair. Thus, reusability is one of the most important characteristic of wig to become your purchase preferences!

One more important competitive advantage of wig is protecting your hair. Your real hair will be protected with a wig because you will need a stocking cap to hold your hair before apply the wig, your hair will be safe under stocking cap. Moreover, the glue is standardized and applied to a stocking cap instead of real hair like other hair extensions so your hair is under no damage. Unlike other extensions with rings or sewing can make your scalp itchy, wig can fix it very well. Also because of less steps to apply, wig become the priority of all girls in case of emergent party, dating or appointment. Let’s imagine your shine will be polished in a minute, your disatrous hair cut will be fixed in a blink ! These irritating problems are solved easily with a wig !

Last but not least, the Vietnamese wig from Oscarhair is made of Vietnamese remy hair that means the premium quality can satisfy almost fastidious customers with almost all severe hair problem like baldness or hair loss, and so on. Especially, Vietnamese remy hair in a wig of Oscarhair is ensured to be intact cutile, shining texture minimal shedding, no lice, no knits, very clean. Curl wigs are our best seller product and received positive feedbacks from USA, EU, and African.

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