Vietnamese frontal hair

Have you ever had a disastrous haircut? Your son’s or your daughter’s wedding is coming? Or you had an awesome outfit but have no idea about your hair? Check frontal hair now!

1. What is frontal?

  • So many people get wrong in distinguishing closure and frontal. As for frontal, there are also 2 types of a base which are lace and silk like closure but lace is a more popular choice due to the blending well with your scalp and hairline. The frontal is often in 13’’x4’’ and running from ear to ear. The wearers need to sew to use frontal. If the closure is able to cover a certain area, frontal can wrap your entire hairline.

2. Why Vietnam frontal hair should become your best choice?

  • Frontal is one of the most popular Vietnam hair requests from our customer worldwide. Let’s find out the seduction of frontal hair.
  • The biggest plus point of frontal hair is hair protection. Instead of using glue, rings, or heat that can damage the hairline, lace frontal help cover your real hair under it. Your hair can develop naturally under frontal. Howerver, the attachment is still firm with proper sewing, so you don’t worry about pulling out.
  • The common reason for all girls is time- saving. In comparison to other kinds of hair extension, frontal hair is one of the fastest ways to upgrade your hair. Let’s forget about glue, stylist, sitting 2 to 4 hours in hair salon with too much patience to install hair extension! Frontal help you to cut down to a haft an hour or less with sewing frontal into your hair.
  • The natural look is another plus point of using frontal. The frontal hair can imitate your hairline outstandingly well, the seam cannot be detected with untrained eyes. You can even make fun with hair like pulling into bun, ponytail, or other pulled back hair styles naturally while it is limited with other hair extensions technique. Moreover, the lace base is easily blended with your scalp, flexible enough to flat over your head that gives an illusion of hair growing from your scalp. Even though your biological hair is in curl, straight, or any tone of your scalp, our lace frontal products have enough texture and styles of hair and colour of lace pieces to adapt!
  • The versatility in trying different hair styles is one the most worthy experience that frontal serves with zero damage to natural hair. If you get bored with short hair, the frontal can be in the combination of other hair extensions to make a natural wig for you to experience many hair styles: curly, wavy, straight hair with any length and volume being not out of your reach anymore. More importantly, lace frontal from Oscarhair is made of 100% Vietnam remy hair that strong enough to allow optimum styling, free dying but still remain shine, silkyness, no breakage. If you are suffering hair loss, baldness or other severe hair problems, our lace frontal is here for you! Feel free to design your own hair style with Vietnamese frontal hair!
  • Last but not least, frontal is superior with easy maintenance. Since being made of 100% Vietnamese Remy hair, lace frontal from Oscarhair allow you to wash, air dry or blow dry, using some basic chemicals to clean as your natural hair. Thus, frontal can be reused and save money for you in the long term instead of glue extensions or ring extensions.

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